11 Unconventional Yet Highly Effective Airbnb Marketing Tactics

If you host on Airbnb, you’re likely familiar with standard marketing approaches like having great photos and descriptions for your listing. But to truly stand out from the crowd and boost your bookings, you need to get creative.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 outside-the-box tactics that can produce results beyond traditional methods. While some may seem unconventional at first, these strategies have been proven to drive business for Airbnb hosts worldwide.

So whether you’re looking to fill empty dates or increase your average daily rate, consider testing these fresh tactics. You never know – one small change could make a big difference for your bookings.

Let’s get started!

Tactic 1: Add Unique Amenities

One of the easiest ways to differentiate your space is by offering amenities guests don’t find everywhere. Think special perks that enhance their experience and make them feel pampered.

Some popular unique amenities that get rave reviews include:

  • A record player with a collection of vinyl
  • A selection of board games and puzzles
  • Well-stocked coffee and tea station beyond just basic pods/bags
  • Local guidebooks and maps for area attractions
  • Ingredients to make a simple breakfast like yogurt, granola and fresh fruit
  • Boutique bathroom items beyond just soap and shampoo
  • Equipment for hobbies like a camera, walking poles or bike helmets

Guests appreciate extras that save them time or money and create memorable moments.

Tactic 2: Offer Experiential Extras

Gone are the days when hosting was just about providing a comfortable place to sleep. Today’s savvy guests want an experience, and you have an amazing opportunity to share your local knowledge.

Consider curating guided activities and tours you can offer directly through Airbnb such as:

  • A neighborhood walking tour highlighting shops, cafes and history
  • An artisanal workshop like pottery or glassblowing
  • Tickets to a show, concert or sporting event
  • Invitations to join hosted dinners or wine tastings
  • Bike rides or hikes through scenic areas
  • Cooking classes utilizing local ingredients

Make guests feel like locals during their stay. Not only does it strengthen community bonds, these unique experiences are priceless memories that lead to glowing reviews.

Tactic 3: Boost Photos with Stories

We’ve all seen generic Airbnb photos that could be from anywhere. Step up your visual storytelling by leveraging photos that immerse viewers in the narrative of your space and neighborhood.

Beyond standard interior shots, some ideas to try:

  • Lifestyle images of guests enjoying amenities or local spots
  • Drone or aerial shots for a birds-eye perspective
  • Close-ups highlighting unique design details
  • Landscape shots framing the surrounding area
  • Seasonal photos to capture different vibes
  • Snap portraits around the neighborhood
  • Videos take viewers on a tour without clicking

Make each room come alive through ambient photos that capture mood and personality. Tell the story of your community through frames that encourage guests to visit certain areas. Photographs are your most powerful marketing asset – use them to immerse potential guests. Visit :

Tactic 4: Personalize the Guest Experience

Guests appreciate genuine hospitality. Surprise and delight them with personable touches that make every visit feel special.

Some ways to personalize the experience:

  • Send a custom welcome message with recommendations
  • Provide a guidebook or itinerary with your favorite spots
  • Stock snacks tailored to their stated interests
  • Leave a handwritten note with your contact info
  • Give local treats, toiletries or small gifts on arrival
  • Prep meal ingredients for DIY breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Spot clean and refresh between groups of guests
  • Send a thank you post-stay with invitation to return

Personal touches build trust and engagement. Guests come for the space but will rave about you and come back for the thoughtful hospitality.

Tactic 5: Build Social Proof

Having a lot of positive reviews builds instant trust with new guests browsing your listing page. Make the most of every glowing review through careful management.

Some proven tactics include:

  • Promptly reach out if a guest hasn’t left a review within a week of staying
  • Request 5-star reviews for unmatched cleanliness, communication or location
  • Thank guests publicly on your listing for their feedback
  • Share top reviews across social networks to expand reach
  • Highlight verified reviews prominently on your page
  • Request reviews through onsite messaging post-stay
  • Respond to every review with a personal comment

Social proof is incredibly persuasive. Constantly asking for reviews respectfully and nurturing engagement builds credibility that gets you booked.

Tactic 6: Leverage Seasonal Discounts

Most hosts strive to maximize rates year-round but sometimes vacant dates demand creativity. Target slower seasons with limited-time offers guests can’t refuse.

Some discounts to consider:

  • 10-20% off stays between Sundays – Thursdays
  • Week-long stays discounted 20% or more
  • Last minute discounts for bookings within 3 days
  • Long-term resident rates for monthly rentals
  • Family fall/spring seasonal rates on school breaks
  • Winter rates for snow lovers staying a week or more
  • Date-specific discounts expiring in 7 days

Seasonal promotions attract attention from value-minded guests during lulls. Once booked, most leave rave reviews that lead to future bookings even after discounts expire.

Tactic 7: Engage with Guest Messaging

It’s crucial to build guest relationships pre, during and post-stay through effective messaging. Clear communication is key to resolving any issues smoothly.

Some messaging best practices:

  • Reply to all booking questions within an hour, if possible
  • Share your contact details upfront in case of emergencies
  • Send a customized welcome note day before arrival
  • Check-in via messaging the day of arrival then respect privacy
  • Respond to any queries or feedback ASAP
  • Send a thank you note within 24 hours of departure
  • Resolve negative issues privately and request neutral review

Prompt, personalized communication keeps guests feeling supported. These small touches can yield unsolicited positive reviews that bolster future bookings.

Tactic 8: Cross-Promote on Multiple Sites

While Airbnb is hugely popular, don’t overlook other sites like VRBO and that bring additional eyes to your listing.

The benefits of syndication include:

  • Tapping into new audiences unaware of your Airbnb page
  • Increased exposure through multiple search engines
  • Bookings directly on VRBO/Booking without Airbnb fees
  • Consistency across all profiles builds more robust profile
  • Opens doors to package deals with neighboring properties

Take advantage of the many free and paid tools that auto-sync data across sites. Cross-promoting on multiple OTAs expands your reach without duplicated effort.

Tactic 9: Collaborate with Local Businesses

Guests inevitably venture off-site during their stay. Partnering with neighboring cafes, shops and attractions creates a mutually beneficial referral system.

Some collaboration ideas:

  • Offer guest discounts/perks at local spots in welcome guide
  • Cross-promote each other’s businesses on websites and listings
  • Discuss package deals bundling accommodations with experiences
  • Host pop-up art shows or music events alongside restaurants
  • Attract larger groups through teaming amenities and activities
  • Distribute branded collateral showcasing the neighborhood

Tap your community network to enhance the tourist experience and attract return visitors. United partnerships elevate the entire local experience.

Tactic 10: Test Call-to-Action Buttons

Drive targeted traffic through strategic CTAs aligned with changing seasons or events. Test different buttons to see what resonates best.

Some inspired CTAs to try:

  • “Book for [Holiday/Festival]”
  • “Save 30% for Winter Stays”
  • “Last 2 Rooms for New Year’s Eve!”
  • “Perfect for Graduations/Reunions”
  • “Cozy Fall Getaway Nearby”
  • “Romantic Valentine’s Hideaway”
  • “Special Rates for [Sporting Event]”

Timed, goal-oriented CTAs convince browser’s it’s their lucky day. Test various angles to extract maximum clicks from passersby. Tracking results helps refine your most lucrative prompts over time.

Tactic 11: Evaluate Metrics and Test Changes

No strategy works forever. Continually analyze numbers and guest sentiment to refine your approach. Welcome criticism to transform weaknesses into strengths.

Some metrics to track:

  • Booking dates and lengths of stay
  • Room/rate performance and changes over time
  • Inquiry-to-booking conversion rates
  • Guest demographics like location and group size
  • Platforms driving most traffic and bookings
  • Popular amenities and room configurations
  • Seasonal trends to target low seasons better
  • Top-review keywords to accentuate successes
  • Rotating featured photos seasonally
  • Adjusting prices up or down $10-25 on certain rooms
  • Swapping out underused amenities for more popular items
  • Promoting family rooms more during school breaks
  • Highlighting pet-friendly perks from Summer to Fall
  • Targeting new geographical regions with ads
  • Refining guest check-ins/outs based on feedback
  • Simplifying complex house rules for clarity

While ongoing testing requires effort, adapting to learnings guarantees you offer the ideal experience. Guests will return trusting you understand their needs better than competitors.


As you can see, creativity and out-of-the-box strategies go far beyond basic listings. While some tactics may seem unconventional, they’ve been proven highly lucrative for fellow Airbnb hosts worldwide.

The key is choosing a few new ideas to test that suit your properties’ strengths. With consistent effort nurturing relationships pre and post-booking, these 11 approaches can pump fresh life into your business.

Always welcome feedback to continuously improve. Keep experimenting with marketing angles while delivering unmatched hospitality. This mindset will secure your place as a superhost generating reviews for years ahead.

Wishing you the best in boosting bookings outside conventional methods. Feel free to share your own successes or questions in the comments below. I hope these tactics inspire new strategies tailored to your unique listings. Now get out there and start testing – you never know what could take your business to the next level!

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