4 Major Functional Parts of an HVAC System You Should Inspect

Whether it is a residential or commercial hvac system, it has some functional components that make it a highly reliable and quality option to consider to be installed in the building area. It can help you boost the overall performance of the building by making it a more energy-efficient place to work and live in.

If you have installed durable and quality hvac systems like residential hvac kalamazoo mi at your residential place, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good condition for the sustainability of your building in the long run. For better maintenance of your hvac system, you must gain comprehensive knowledge about the different functional parts of your hvac system. You can check out sites like or for additional guidance.

In this blog, are few functional parts of an hvac system have been discussed for your convenience in understanding. Keep your eyes rolling!



A thermostat is a very effective part of the hvac system that is a regulating device that can significantly sense the temperature. A thermostat is responsible for the regulation of the temperature of its surroundings with the proper management.

It performs its basic tasks to maintain the temperature near the desired set point of the temperature that you want to have inside the home as compared to the external temperature. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your residential place. In fact, the same goes with commercial buildings – as thermostats are almost the same in structure as the residential hvac system. Visit sites like to know more about hvac systems. Make sure as well not to forget about ac maintenance, contact professional ac maintenance everett wa services to have your hvac systems checked.

Air Conditioner

According to experts like Affordable Air Solutions, the air conditioner is the most functional and vitally important part of an hvac system. It has the great purpose of being present in the hvac system to dehumidify the air and remove heat. It is the major reason that can make the air conditioner component of an hvac system a more valuable part. 

The thing that is necessary for you to know is that the air conditioner is not solely responsible for increasing the cooling air effects in an indoor area of any residential or commercial building; rather, it works with many other subsystems to regulate the temperature (learn more here).


When you have a dry environment inside your home, especially due to the dryness in the air of your surroundings, the device that contributes to increasing the humidity or moisture level at your residential place is the humidifier. 

A humidifier and dehumidifier component of your hvac system can help you to maintain the quality of your indoor air by regulating the moisture level. The humidifier of the hvac system adds moisture to the air, and the dehumidifier removes it from your indoor surroundings. 

Air Handler

It is necessary to circulate the air throughout the building – for this, air handlers are needed. Thus, an air handler is a necessary part of your hvac system that can help you to regularly circulate air in ventilating, air-conditioning, and heating aspects. It is essential to maintain the air quality of the indoor environment of your residential or commercial building to live and work with great efficiency.

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