Best Kidney Specialists in India: Helps in Curing Kidney-Failure Conditions Effectively

best kidney specialists in India

Highly skilled and experienced professionals play a major role in treating various types of kidney conditions. Kidney specialists help them cure their condition and allow them to have good health. Many individuals are dealing with various kidney conditions, such as kidney cancer, failure, and others that need advanced treatment and care.

India has advanced infrastructure and medical facilities that allow patients to receive quality health care. Also, there are the Best Nephrologist in India who offer end-to-end medical support and a high result rate to the patients after their treatment process. India made the treatment affordable for the patients so that everyone gets medical benefits in India.

What are Kidney Failure and Other Renal Conditions?

Kidney failure is a complex situation in which a person’s kidney stops functioning in its day-to-day work. Because of the failure, the kidney loses its ability to filter the waste and excess fluids from the blood. 

There are various factors behind the organ’s failure, including the imbalance of electrolytes, fluid retention in the body, and an increase in the amount of toxins in the individual’s body. There are other kidney conditions as well that put the life of the patient in danger. These types of conditions include kidney stones, infections, and cysts. Each of these conditions requires a special treatment process and specialist guidance. 

What is the Process to Perform Kidney Conditions?

Kidney specialists use diverse and special approaches to treat different kidney conditions. As a first step, the patients undergo various medical examinations to get an idea about the condition. Various diagnostic tests are performed to evaluate the patient’s overall health and condition. A special treatment plan is prescribed by the doctors to tackle the patient’s medical condition effectively. After performing the procedure, patients observe the doctors to get a clear image of the treatment progress.

What is the Success Rate of Kidney Failure and Other Kidney-related Conditions?

India offers a high rate of treatment success in conditions like kidney failure. The patient can expect one to two years of life expectancy after getting quality treatment care in India. The success rate for many other renal-based conditions offers high outcomes in India after the treatment. Multiple factors affect the success rate including the patient’s age, health background, severity of the condition, surgeons’ expertise, and many others.

How Much is the Cost of Treating Kidney-Related Diseases?

The cost of kidney-related treatment in India starts from INR 4 lacs. The kidney transplant and failure-like conditions cost around INR 5 lacs. The kidney cancer treatment starts from INR 1 lacs. There are plenty of factors that affect the cost of the treatment including the patient’s condition, age, hospital facilities, location, and many others.

What are Some of the Best Kidney Specialists in India?

India has many of the best kidney specialists who deal with patients with complex kidney-related conditions. Here are some of the kidney specialists in India –

Dr. Sandeep Guleria

  •   Dr. Sandeep Guleria is one of the leading kidney specialists in India, having an experience of more than 33 years in the field.
  •   He is known for treating various types of kidney-related diseases and kidney failure-like conditions.
  •   He has done more than 1000 successful kidney transplants till now which shows his deep expertise in the field.
  •   He has specialized in dealing with renal transplants, URS, dialysis, and kidney transplants.

Dr. P Chatree

  •   Dr. P Chatree is one of the topmost kidney specialists in India, working for more than 33 years in the field and giving the best health results for the patients.
  •   He is known for treating various conditions like polycystic kidney, end-stage renal disease, kidney failure, and glomerulonephritis.
  •   Being an ace kidney transplant surgeon, he has completed hundreds of kidney transplants and more than 1000 insertions of subclavian catheters.
  •   He is also a member of various prominent medical institutions and provides support in doing medical research for various renal conditions.

Dr. Sharad Sheth

  •   Dr. Sharad Sheth is a well-known nephrologist, having a wide experience of 39 years in dealing with various renal conditions and failure-like situations.
  •   He is known for doing kidney transplantation, acute renal cortical necrosis, uremia, peritoneal dialysis, internal jugular catheterization, and many others.
  •   He deals with his patient’s empathy and care and resolves their life-threatening condition so that they can get back to their normal life after the treatment.
  •   In his medical career, he has operated more than 500 live kidney transplants, five ABO-incompatible transplants, and more than 25 cadaver kidney transplants.

Dr. Lakshmi Kant Tripathi

  •   Dr. Laxmi Kant Tripathi is a well-recognized senior nephrologist consultant and kidney specialist, working for more than 20 years in the field.
  •   He has done hundreds of successful kidney transplants including the cases with high risks and complications.
  •   He has expertise in dealing with various conditions like nephrotic syndromes, complicated UTIs, and various acute transplants.
  •   He has provided his expert supervision for more than 53000 hemodialyses sessions with optimal treatment outcomes.

Dr. C. Chinnaswami

  •   Dr. C. Chinnaswami is one of the best renal transplant specialists and urologists, with more than 45 years of experience.
  •   He is an expert specialist in dealing with various conditions like erectile dysfunction, male sexual problems, H.I.V., hydrocele treatment, and vasectomy surgery.
  •   He has been recognized with the gold medal from the Urological Society of India in the field of urology.
  •   He offers optimal treatment results to his patients and also makes the surgical process easy and comfortable for them.

India is known for its quality infrastructure and medical services. Indian hospitals have medical facilities that support patients with various medical complexities. Many of the best kidney specialists in India offers optimal treatment result. The medical professionals are known for their experience and expertise. The medical services and facilities are cheap in India, which helps in making the treatment process reasonable for the patients. All these factors have turned India into one of the best medical tourism places worldwide. 

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