Unveiling Excellence: The Top Shows on Paramount+ Right Now (December 2023)


As streaming platforms continue to evolve, Paramount+ Top Shows has emerged as a compelling destination for television enthusiasts seeking a diverse and captivating array of content. With an extensive library that spans various genres, Paramount+ boasts an impressive lineup of shows that cater to a wide audience. In this article, we will explore the best shows currently available on Paramount+ as of December 2023, providing a comprehensive guide for viewers in search of top-tier entertainment.

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  • Leading the pack is the critically acclaimed drama series “Yellowstone.” Starring Kevin Costner, the show revolves around the Dutton family.Who are the owners of the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.As they navigate the challenges of land development, political intrigue, and family dynamics. With breathtaking landscapes and intense storytelling, “Yellowstone” has become a cultural phenomenon, making it a must-watch on Paramount+.

Star Trek: Picard:

  • For fans of the iconic Star Trek franchise, “Star Trek: Picard” is a nostalgic and thrilling addition to the Paramount+ lineup. Sir Patrick Stewart reprises his role as Jean-Luc Picard, now retired from Starfleet but drawn back into action by a new intergalactic crisis. With its blend of sci-fi exploration, moral quandaries, and engaging characters, “Star Trek: Picard” continues the legacy of the beloved series.

The Good Fight:

  • A legal drama with a sharp and satirical edge, “The Good Fight” follows attorney Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, as she navigates the challenges of the legal world. Known for its timely and socially relevant storytelling, the series explores political and cultural issues while delivering compelling courtroom drama. With its stellar cast and thought-provoking narratives, “The Good Fight” remains a standout on Paramount+.


  • From the minds behind “The Good Wife,” “Evil” is a psychological mystery that delves into the blurry lines between science and the supernatural. The series follows forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard, played by Katja Herbers, as she teams up with a priest-in-training and a contractor to investigate unexplained phenomena. With its thought-provoking exploration of belief and skepticism, “Evil” offers a unique and compelling viewing experience.

RuPaul’s Drag Race:

  • A cultural phenomenon in its own right, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is a reality competition that celebrates the art of drag. Contestants compete in a series of challenges, showcasing their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, all under the watchful eye of the legendary RuPaul. With its vibrant personalities, creative performances, and heartfelt moments, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” continues to captivate audiences on Paramount+.

Why Women Kill:

  • This darkly comedic anthology series explores the lives of three women from different eras who are connected by a common thread: infidelity. “Why Women Kill” weaves together narratives set in the 1960s, 1980s, and the present day, exploring the societal expectations and personal choices that lead to acts of betrayal. With its stylish storytelling and stellar ensemble cast, the series offers a captivating exploration of love, marriage, and deceit.

The Stand:

  • Based on Stephen King’s epic novel, “The Stand” is a post-apocalyptic drama that unfolds in a world ravaged by a deadly pandemic. The survivors find themselves drawn to two opposing figures, one representing good and the other evil, as they strive to rebuild society. With its rich character development and gripping narrative, “The Stand” offers a compelling adaptation of King’s acclaimed work.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Sponge on the Run:

  • Catering to fans of all ages, Paramount+ offers a mix of animated and live-action content, including the latest adventures of the beloved SpongeBob SquarePants. “Sponge on the Run” takes viewers on a whimsical journey as SpongeBob and Patrick venture to the lost city of Atlantic City to rescue SpongeBob’s pet snail, Gary. Filled with humor and heart, this movie is a delightful addition to Paramount+’s diverse content library.

The Twilight Zone:

  • For fans of thought-provoking anthology series, “The Twilight Zone” remains a timeless classic, and its revival on Paramount+ continues to captivate audiences. Each episode presents a self-contained story that delves into the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural. So with its signature twist endings and social commentary, “The Twilight Zone” offers a thought-provoking and often eerie viewing experience.

Criminal Minds:

  • A staple in the crime procedural genre, “Criminal Minds” follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI as they investigate and profile criminals.Therefore with its combination of suspenseful storytelling and psychological insights, the series has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. Paramount+ provides an opportunity for both longtime fans and newcomers to immerse themselves in the compelling cases and character dynamics of “Criminal Minds.”


As we step into December 2023, Paramount+ continues to solidify its position as a go-to destination for premium television content. So the diverse range of shows highlighted in this article showcases the platform’s commitment to providing viewers with a rich tapestry of genres and narratives. Whether you’re a fan of intense dramas, nostalgic sci-fi, reality competitions, or classic animated characters, Paramount+ has something for everyone. However these ten shows stand out as the best offerings on the platform, promising hours of immersive and entertaining viewing. So, dive into the world of Paramount+ and discover the exceptional shows that await your streaming pleasure in the closing month of 2023.

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