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Step By Step Tiger Drawing For Kids

Step By Step Tiger Drawing For Kids

Drawing For Kids who desire to sketch can practice their artistic skills by working on this fun tigers-themed homework. Educators and parents can incorporate these fun and interesting activities into classes. This is one of the best methods for educating children about tigers. Kids’ ability to be creative and inventive can be developed through these coloring and sketching activities. Early participation in these activities will accelerate a child’s growth.

Easy Tiger Drawings for Children

Coloring books and drawings are great resources for exposing kids to new concepts. Kids enjoy taking part in these activities since they teach them new things. Parents and teachers can help young children learn by assigning simple assignments like painting and drawing cartoon and video game characters. Children may learn more about tigers and other wild creatures by using BYJU’s simple tiger painting project. You may discover more about their morphologies, colors, and dietary preferences, among other things.

When drawing tigers, kids can try using various paintbrushes, crayons, and colored pencils. They can also get some fundamental knowledge about the various sorts of natural creatures. Kids’ Drawings of Tigers One enjoyable way to encourage children to understand the need to protect these amazing animals is to teach them how to draw tigers. Despite being the most well-known member of the family, they are part of one of the most endangered animal species in the world.

Easy Tiger Drawing

According to estimates from the Planet Wildlife Fund (WWF), just about 40% of the tigers that formerly roamed the earth do so today. The effects of climate change and illegal hunting are the two main causes.

Even though there are still about 3,900 tigers in the wild, further efforts are required to safeguard this threatened species.

Let’s examine children’s tiger drawings.

Just six easy methods can be used to produce interesting paper tigers for kids. This tiger painting lesson is available for download. It is perfect for parents and art educators who homeschool their children and wish to teach them how to draw tigers. Drawing a colorful tiger can be enjoyable for kids, and don’t forget to add some fascinating details. Don’t forget to follow the guidelines included in the free PDF download.


  • Pen.
  • Using colored pencils or crayons, sketch on paper.
  • Using a white marker is not necessary.
  • Children’s Tiger Drawing in PDF Format (refer to the lesson footer)

In today’s guided lesson, we’ll learn how to draw a tiger on paper for kids. Every stage of the instruction will highlight the significance of every component. The portions that are being drawn at each phase are shown by the blue lines.

The completion time is twenty minutes.

First, sketch the head of the tiger as a fuzzy, rounded shape. Next, draw two oval shapes for the eyes. Next, form an oval shape with the nose. On either side of the nose, draw a circle. Next, a line curved upwards should form the bottom of its mouth.

Kids’ Easy Step-by-Step Tiger Drawing Instructions:

  • Put on your headphones.
  • Draw two spherical forms with diagonal lines on the tiger’s skull.
  • Don’t forget to include the tail and body as well.
  • Sketch the body of the tiger as a long, curved line. With the body of the tiger attached, form a narrow, curving S.
  • Drawn Legs
  • Draw the tiger’s legs, showing the connection between them and its lower body.
  • Draw the stripes on the tiger.
  • First, draw a line across the tiger’s cheeks in a horizontal direction. The tiger’s body will be covered in a pattern of sharp, narrow forms as a result. This makes it appear as though the drawing by youTigerer had striped fur.
  • Sketch the Tiger from start to finish.
  • Now, let’s add some color to complete Tigerer’s drawing! First, use a pink crayon to paint the nose. Draw in its tummy, the insides of its ears, the bottoms of its paws, and the bottoms of its face using a cream-colored crayon. Then, use a dark brown crayon to draw the tiger’s stripes. Next, color the remaining area of the tiger’s body with an oratiger’syon.

Get a PDF version of the Kids’ drawing

Click the following link to watch or download this drawing lesson. A PDF drawing tutorial is free for free at Kids’ Drawings of Tigers. The final page of the downloaded PDF includes an activity for kids to practice their creative extension and a coloring page with simply the outlines.

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