The Benefits of Polished Concrete

Concrete slabs Melbourne polishing is a multi-step, mechanical process that uses diamond-bonded abrasives to grind and hon floor surfaces, giving them an impressive sheen and durable surface finish.

There is an array of finishes, from matte to satin and high gloss, that you can select for your property, depending on personal taste and specific property needs.

It’s Green

Due to our increased emphasis on green building, polished concrete flooring has become increasingly popular as an environmentally-friendly commercial flooring choice. Unlike carpet or vinyl tile, polished concrete requires no hazardous coatings or cleaners and is completely VOC free.

Natural concrete flooring is easy to keep clean, and does not attract dust or allergens like other floors can. Furthermore, its reflective nature reflects light while being highly energy efficient – saving money in electricity costs over time.

Polished concrete can be produced from any existing slab that remains structurally sound, thus reducing the amount of material that must be recycled and conserved. Once formed, polished concrete can be leveled to any degree of sheen and customized further by texturing, painting or adding ground down aggregates for visual impact.

Concrete floors can be stained to achieve design options not possible with other materials, then sealed to protect their surface with penetrating sealers – and with the appropriate products even LEED certification may be possible for polished concrete projects!

It’s Durable

Many people associate polished concrete flooring with industrial warehouses, car parks and shop floors; however, it has also become an increasingly popular decorative option in residential spaces as well.

Grinding and polishing processes are key in increasing the longevity of a concrete floor, as they not only smooth its surface (ranging from dull luster to high shine) but also compress molecules within it, hardening it much more than unpolished concrete floors.

Polishing concrete offers endless customization opportunities, from aggregate exposure and gloss levels to colour changes that suit a particular project – such as creating a terrazzo effect by exposing aggregate, to using integral and/or topical dyes in order to produce various designs.

It’s Affordable

Concrete floors are the most cost-effective flooring choice compared to tile, hardwood, linoleum and carpet flooring options, due to working with your existing concrete slab and saving money on material purchases and installation costs.

Utility costs can also be reduced by reflecting light back into dark spaces, making it an energy efficient choice for businesses and homes. Furthermore, with numerous finishing options ranging from trowel marks for a rougher appearance to high gloss that exposes more aggregate for luxurious looks you are sure to find the style that matches your space perfectly.

Polished concrete flooring is easy to keep clean using only a sweep or damp mop – helping reduce cleaning costs while making its surface long-lasting and durable. Furthermore, adding color or patterns is another option available to give it a custom look – these benefits have made polished concrete an increasingly popular choice both commercially and residentially.

It’s Versatile

Polished concrete floors are an attractive choice for warehouses as they resist tire marks from forklifts while maintaining an elegant and modern aesthetic. Furthermore, polished concrete flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic without becoming visible; and is slip-resistant so maintenance costs are significantly reduced in comparison to other options.

At home, polished concrete can make an excellent surface for kitchens and bathrooms as it is easily maintained, hygienic, and resistant to spills. Furthermore, polished concrete can also be customized by texturing, dying or carving to add design features and reflect light efficiently to reduce electric costs.

Concrete is also eco-friendly and can help construction projects earn LEED points. Existing or new slabs with structural integrity can often be polished back into shape for improved aesthetics and functionality.

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