Tata Hitachi vs. JCB: Choosing the Right Backhoe Loader

Tata Hitachi vs. JCB: Choosing the Right Backhoe Loader

Construction professionals consistently update themselves with the latest construction equipment models. More importantly, they’re even more avid when it comes to finding out the updated pricing of the machines. For instance, infra stakeholders often search about JCB price range and so on. In this blog, we’ll review the top 2 backhoe loaders along with their price range.

Featuring Top 2 Backhoe Loaders in India: Tata Hitachi & JCB 

Tata Hitachi Shinrai Backhoe Loader 

This model from Hitachi features all the latest technologies delivering high output. To illustrate, the model comes with massive bucket loading capacity. This henceforth ensures carriage of heavy materials in bulk. Additionally, with a max operating weight of 7800 kg, this Tata Hitachi backhoe loader exponentially upscales productivity of Infra projects.  

Moreover, the 1 cum of backhoe bucket facilitates tasks like digging, demolition, etc. Above all, its price ranges between Rs. 29 Lakh and 31 Lakh in India. 

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader 

This construction equipment for all the right reasons is the best-selling model in India. The backhoe loader comes with a maximum operating weight of 7510 kg. Such a massive capacity delivers extreme work output for construction projects. Besides, the machine can reach a maximum height of 780 mm. 

This subsequently aids in various lifting tasks. Furthermore, the JCB price range for this model starts from Rs. 35 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 38 Lakh. 

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