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Get My Own Authority: Paving the Way for Trucking Entrepreneurship

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In the vast landscape of American commerce, there’s a particular breed of entrepreneurs that often go unsung: our truck drivers. These highway warriors, clocking countless miles, often nurse a dream as vast as the terrains they traverse. They dream of independence – to “Get My Own Authority” and navigate the business waters on their own terms.

The Road to Self-Reliance

The allure of the open road is undeniable. But for many drivers, the road to launching a trucking venture, to “Get My Own Authority”, can appear convoluted. From the uncharted territories of obtaining a USDOT number to understanding the complex matrix of transportation compliance services, the initial journey can be fraught with hurdles.

Plotting the Course: Key Milestones

  1. Setting the Foundation with an LLC: Your business entity, your shield.
  2. EIN – The Business Identifier: Much like your SSN, but for your business.
  3. Securing the Coveted USDOT#: Your golden ticket to the world of transport.
  4. Insurance: Ensuring you’re covered against the unpredictable.
  5. Decoding the BOC 3, UCR, IFTA, and IRP Accounts: This might sound like alphabet soup, but each letter is a crucial step toward your entrepreneurial dream.

The Driver’s Checklist: Keeping It Straight

  • Drug Testing: Essential for ensuring safety.
  • Driver Records & Past Employment: Building trust with clear records.
  • Engaging with the Clearinghouse: A must in today’s age.
  • The Health Must-haves: DOT Physicals, Medical Examiner’s Card, and Road Tests.
  • Continuous Compliance with a Randoms Program: Because in this business, consistency is key.

The New Entrant Audit: Your Rite of Passage

Every new journey has its trials, and for the aspiring trucking entrepreneur, the New Entrant Audit stands tall. It’s a turning point that can make or break the future trajectory of their venture. This isn’t just a test of knowledge, but of preparedness. And the repercussions of this audit extend far beyond paperwork – it can influence load options, broker relations, and the bottom line.

Riding Shotgun with Purcell Compliance

Enter Purcell Compliance, the seasoned navigator for those charting this course. A one-stop shop for every need, Purcell offers more than just services – it offers partnership. From assisting newcomers on how to get a DOT number to ensuring they’re poised to ace the New Entrant Audit, Purcell stands as the steadfast co-pilot. And their promise isn’t just of compliance but of business success.


The journey to “Get My Own Authority” is paved with challenges, but it’s also lined with the promise of independence and enterprise. And with the right partner, this journey can lead to destinations unimagined. Ready to take the plunge? Connect with Purcell and turn the dream of independence into a roadmap of success.
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