The Best Games To Download for Free In 2023

best games

GTA San Andreas Lite APK 

Rockstar Studios is known for its action and fighting game creations. The name of such a game made by mixing action and fighting game is GTA San Andreas Lite APK which is a very famous game. The reason for being famous is that it can now be played on Android and tablets. When this game was first launched, it could only be played on computers. Today this game can be played on Android mobile phones with all the features. The file size of the game is also small which takes up less space on all devices. Racing game lovers will also be able to get a better experience of driving cars and bikes by downloading this game.

If you are downloading the game for the first time, you will get only a few bikes and cars unlocked. By collecting more and more money you will be able to buy new cars and bikes. For this, you should participate in different missions of the game and try to increase as much money as possible. You must think before doing illegal work because in this game the police can arrest you at any time.

Tekken 10 APK

Who doesn’t know about Tekken, the most popular series of fighting games? This is one of the most famous games. Today you will be able to download Tekken 10 APK download from here and learn about it. The Tekken game was created by a company called Bande. The characters used in the Tekken game are quite attractive and look like Japanese. After playing the game, you will see the names of the characters also Japanese. All the features are well depicted in this game of Tekken. Which was available on Android as well as tablets. 

Tekken series games always offer a lot of different modes including a training mode. Because players can learn the game from the training mode and enjoy the game in different modes. In training mode, you will get to learn from Artificial Intelligence in the game. While playing the game, you will know about your and your enemy’s health score from the health bar. When your health score is high, you will be able to defeat the enemy, but for this, you will have to make the enemy taste as many moves as possible. Special moves must be used at the end of the game.

Free Fire Cobra 

Free Fire Cobra apk game is the most played action game by children. But today this game is played by people of all ages which provides good entertainment to everyone. While playing the game for the first time, you will have to choose one character out of many. Then you will be able to play the entire game with this character. But character customization is also a very useful feature of the game. You should always keep your player customized and try to upgrade it as much as possible. So that it becomes easier for us to kill the enemy. 

Apart from training mode, you will get both online and offline modes here. Online mode will help you play the game with your friends or with players from other countries. You will be able to play the rest of the games in offline mode even if you do not have internet. The offline mode is also interesting here. Designed using high-end technology, the game features high-quality graphics that look great and work well on all mobiles. Don’t forget to download it in the latest version.

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