Grocery Delivery App Development: Steps to Build an App Like Instashop

Grocery Delivery App Development: Steps to Build an App Like Instashop

If you want to build an instant delivery app, then you must take some reference from an app like Instashop. One of the most famous instant delivery apps in Dubai needs no introduction because consumers of the city look no further than Instashop to buy their groceries online without leaving the comfort of their homes.

According to Forbes, we can see a rise in the on-demand grocery apps by 50 percent. Such a rise will make Dubai’s market the hottest place to invest in grocery apps. Indeed, multiple opportunities will knock on your door when you join hands with a top mobile app development company in Dubai. Looking for further insights?

Read the guide and explore the cost of developing an app in Dubai. 

Business Models of a Grocery Delivery App like Instashop

Looking at the business model before developing your grocery app is necessary. Here is everything that you need to read and get a complete insight. 

  • Multiple Vendors Model

This multiple vendors model is preferred when a company partners with sellers who want to list their products and services on its platform. Sellers get notifications whenever someone places an order. With the help of an internal logistics network, sellers deliver the products to customers’ doorsteps, which, in turn, helps both the company and the sellers generate millions of revenue annually. Amazon is one of the well-known examples of this model, and it also derives huge conversions. 

  • Hyperlocal Groceries Business Model

It caters to the requirements of consumers within a specific geographical area. Through a digital platform, the delivery of items is performed. 

What makes this business model unique is the same-day delivery of products within a couple of hours. If you want to adopt a different approach for your grocery delivery app, then this USP is what you must consider. 

  • Click and Collect

When the customer buys items online but collects them from a centralized point, it is the click-and-collect business model. Users who need the products urgently use this method to shop. Also, it saves time for users while purchasing items. 

How to build an app like Instashop?

After learning about the different business models, you must ensure to develop an app like Instashop, and here is everything in detail about how you should start the app development. 

  • Planning and Strategy

You need to plan and strategize everything before starting the development of an app like Instashop, as it will help you identify your targeted audience and competitors so that you can release better products and services in the market. 

  • Ideal Platform

Now, select the ideal platform your end users mainly use: Android, iOS, or web. Choosing the right platform is a great success when you have searched your market. Also, it depends on your budget and which platform you should pick. For instance, Android app development can cost less than iOS and cross-platform app development. For those who don’t know what cross-platform app development is, it is the procedure of developing the same app for different platforms using a single codebase only.

  • UI/UX Prototype

Now, it’s time you should create the UI/UX of your app. Although the high-graded designers can help you bring a life-like experience to your app, consult with our top eCommerce app development company experts if you are looking for the same.

  • Grocery App Development

The developers and designing team work together to shape your dream idea and make it a reality. At this moment, the front-end and back-end of the app with the needed tech stack are developed, and every robust code is utilized, through which the task of using the application becomes more seamless and flawless. 

  • Testing 

The quality and assurance team finds and resolves bugs, errors, and glitches within the app using various testing methods that check the performance parameters concerning different things, such as compatibility, security, UI, etc. The grocery delivery app can be launched only after the QA team approves. 

  • App Launch

Don’t be worried about launching your app on the preferred platform because, in that case also, you will get the support of top developers of an app development company. 

Cost to build an app like Instashop!

After learning about business models and the steps you must follow to develop your own grocery delivery app like Instashop, it’s time to learn the cost of developing an app like Instashop. So, are you excited to unveil the fact? 

Well, here are all the factors that influence the cost of any app. Like: 

  • App features & functionalities
  • App platforms
  • Tech stack
  • Time to develop
  • Location of the developers
  • And various others

To know more about it, you can book a consultation with the top eCommerce app development company in Dubai because the experts there know everything about the cost. 

In a Nutshell!

So, this is all about an app like Instashop and how you can build it for your enhanced business process and streamlined success. We hope you have no doubts till now. However, if you want to ask anything about this guide, just connect with our experts at a top eCommerce app development company

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