How Teeth Implants Are Changing Dental Restoration

You can replace lost or broken teeth in San Diego in several different ways. However, dental implants are head and shoulders above the competition. Teeth implants San Diego have many advantages over dentures and bridges when replacing missing teeth. In particular, this novel choice has these advantages:

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are state-of-the-art tooth replacements because they look and feel just like natural teeth. A crown, bridge, or denture can be securely attached to a titanium “root” implanted into the jawbone. If cared for properly, it can last a lifetime and seem, feel, and function like a natural tooth.

Because of its many benefits over its predecessors, dental implant technology has supplanted all other methods of tooth replacement. And now, thanks to dental technology advancements, even individuals previously considered hopeless candidates can reap the rewards of these treatments.

1.      Stop the Loss of More Teeth

Your teeth are anchored in place by their roots and the teeth on either side of them. When one tooth is missing, the others may shift into the empty area and become loose. Getting a substitute tooth for a missing one is the most effective strategy to stop further tooth loss. Tooth implants are well-liked by many of our patients because they provide a natural appearance and feel.

2.      Stop Tooth Decay

The bone and gum tissue supporting the adjacent teeth deteriorate when you lose a tooth. This might cause teeth to shift and eventually fall out as they try to align with the new space. Shifting teeth might increase the likelihood of cavities. Cavities are more likely to develop in crooked teeth because plaque and germs have more hiding places.

3.      Feeding Improvements

Having trouble consuming your preferred foods? It might be challenging to eat healthily after having teeth extracted. You should visit your dentist in San Diego to investigate dental implant surgery if you have been avoiding hard meals due to pain when biting down. You could deprive your body of essential nutrients if you skip certain foods. If you aren’t receiving enough calcium and vitamin D, your body will have difficulty maintaining strong jawbone tissue.

4.     Avoid Jaw Impairment

Teeth roots provide necessary stimulation for the jawbone. However, when a tooth is extracted, the associated stress on the jawbone is relieved. If you don’t care for your jawbone, your body will reabsorb the minerals it contains and use them for something else.

We suggest discussing tooth implants with your dentist to stop jawbone atrophy. After tooth loss, a dental implant can restore your smile and stimulate your jawbone like a natural tooth root. Teeth implants San Diego prevents the jawbone from breaking and preserves your face’s appearance.

5.      Improve Your Speech

Dentures and missing teeth can cause a person to lisp because of the gaps in their teeth, and dentures can move around while speaking. Whether you have a crown placed on top of an implant or utilize implants to secure dentures, you can eat and speak normally thereafter.

6.      Get Better Tooth Retention

Putting in a dental bridge involves filing down healthy teeth on either side to place crowns. Dental implants eliminate the need to drill into neighboring teeth. This means that your natural teeth can continue to function normally while covering the space left by a lost tooth.

7.      Smile With Self-Assurance

The dental implant procedure has helped many of our patients regain their self-esteem. If you’re missing teeth, you might be embarrassed to grin in public or shy away from making new friends.

After getting dental implants, you can have replacement teeth that feel and look completely natural. It’s amazing how much better life can be once you’ve regained your smile’s confidence and can eat your old favorites again. Teeth implants San Diego are good for your mental health and your mouth.

A Long-Term Resolution to Missing Teeth

Dental implants are permanent and don’t require maintenance for the rest of your life, unlike other tooth replacement solutions. Dental implants San Diego are an excellent choice for anyone needing tooth replacement. Visit Dental Express Point Loma for a consultation to see if dental implants suit you.

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