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What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Schengen Medical Visa?

Europe is considered as home to some of the world’s most technologically and medically advanced nations. People travel to various nations throughout Europe in search of medical treatment related to immunology, cardiology, orthopedics, and many others.

If you are a citizen of any third country and looking for medical treatment in a schengen country, you must apply for a schengen medical visa. Schengen medical visa falls under the C category, which allows the individual to stay in a schengen country for up to 90 days within a period of 180.

 However, these are only single-entry visa types, but in some instances, you may apply for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa. You need to have all of the visa documents like a valid passport, photos, flight booking, accommodation, travel insurance for Schengen visa , cover letter, proof of financial means etc. when you are going to Schengen zone for medical purposes.

Schengen Medical Visa Fee In EUR

The medical schengen visa fee is the same as other schengen visa categories visa permits. The visa fee for adults is 60 EUR. This fee is different for children but can change without any prior notice.

As the fee will be paid according to the local currency of the from where you are applying, but it may differ according to the foreign exchange rates. So always check the amount before starting the visa application procedure.

Apart from the visa application cost, there may be biometric charges, processing fees, or maybe other service charges.

How To Apply For Schengen Medical Visa?

Schengen visa medical procedures are almost the same as the other categories, but some steps may differ significantly depending on the country of application and the destination country. However main procedures involved are as follows:

  • First of all, check your eligibility for a schengen medical visa and collect all the essential documents for this procedure. 
  • Search for the nearest embassy/consulate or visa application center depending upon the country where you intend to travel. 
  • Most visa application centers have application forms available online. You can aesily download and fill out the form. You can write your medical reasons as the purpose of your visit to travel to Europe. Some countries have online portals for application submission. 
  • You then apply for booking an appointment with the embassy/consolute to submit the documents and biometrics. The embassy then sends you confirmation via email or phone with the day and time of your appointment. 
  • Attend the visa appointment on the specific day the embassy/consulate mentioned. Submit the application fee at the center. Attach the receipt of the visa payment with the form. If there will need, you will be asked to submit your biometric data at the embassy. 

Who Is Eligible For The Schengen Medical Visa?

Getting a medical visa is only possible for some. If you are traveling to the schengen country with the purpose of getting medical treatments you must have to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a resident of the country where you are applying for the medical schengen visa. You can submit your Schengen visa application at the consulate office or embassy nearest you in your country of residence. 
  • You must have a valid passport in excellent condition that meets the schengen visa requirements. You can check these requirements online on the websites. 
  • You may only go for the express aim of receiving medical treatment therapy. 
  •  You must have verification of your medical condition and that you need treatment 
  • You must have solid proof that you can meet all your medical expenses during your treatment in the schengen zone. Or on the other side, you should have a host inviting you and be responsible for all your expenses. 
  • In case if you are accompanying a patient, then you have to prove your relationship with the patient. 
  • You must apply at the embassy/consulate of the country which is your destination country or is one of your multiple schengen countries where you want to spend more time.

Documents Required For The Schengen Medical Visa

There is a list of documents that are required to apply for the schengen medical visa. However, there are a lot of additional documents apart from the general documents that depend upon the applicant’s employment status and age.

There are the following general requirements for the schengen medical visa:

  • A valid passport according to t the regulations of the schengen country where you want to travel for medical treatment. 
  • 2 passport-sized photographs 
  • Reservation of flight for visa application or travel itinerary 
  • Proof of accommodation in schengen country for medical treatment, which can be confirmed hospital or clinic reservation etc or booking or invitation letter from the host. 
  • Financial documents to prove that you have sufficient funds in your account to meet all your medical treatment expenses at schengen country. 
  • Documents showing civil status like marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. 
  • Travel medical insurance of 30,000 EUR is a pre-requisite for a schengen visa application. 
  • Documents showing employment status as self-employed, employed at any company or student. 
  • Letter from a doctor, hospital, or clinic mentioning that the patient needs medical treatment abroad. 
  • A guarantee letter that the patient will be able to meet any additional expenses during the treatment. 
  • Agreement between the doctors who are sending and doctors who are receiving. 

Processing Time Of Schengen Medical Visa

Processing time for the medical visa depends upon multiple factors:

  • Number of Entries 
  • Medical conditions 
  • The volume of applications at the embassy 
  • Your previous travel history 
  • Validity

As the ratio of medical applications is lower than the tourist applications, the embassies proceed fast. It usually takes 15 days to process the whole procedure. 

But in extreme conditions, it may take 30 to 60 days; it happens rarely. So it is advised to apply at least two weeks in advance. Although, note that in cases where the patient’s health has deteriorated in a short period, you may be allowed to apply late.

Important note:

Even if you’re traveling to Europe for medical treatment purposes, you can only extend your short-stay Visa to a long-stay one in rare circumstances. It is illegal to stay in any country when your visa expires. Always apply for a visa extension before your visa expires.

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