5 Features of Mitsubishi VANQUISH Shafts You Need to Know About

New from Mitsubishi, VANQUISH shafts raise the bar for lightweight design, consistent killer, unrivaled feedback, and stability.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve heard the name but don’t know what they offer.

What the VANQUISH Line Is All About
While there are several technological features and tenets of VANQUISH shafts that define the line, these shafts are all about extremely low swing weight.

These shafts are extremely lightweight (as low as 47g), which helps golfers of all skills maximize club head acceleration and speed.

Pair this with the ultimate in swing-to-swing stability and you have a series of shafts that are making waves, defined by these core technologies.

New Amorphous Wire Technology
Amorphous wire is wire that lacks a crystalline structure, produced by quenching molten metal rapidly. It can be very strong, and very flexible.

Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts are made with updated amorphous wire technology; instead of concentrating it near the tip, the VANQUISH uses amorphous wire in the butt section.

The extraordinary elasticity and strength of the amorphous wire, concentrated in the butt section, increases the activity of the handle section, allowing golfers to increase acceleration at transition and through the downswing.

Super Low Resin Content Prepreg
Super Low Resin Content Prepreg (S.L.R.C.) is all about one thing: concentrating as much high-strength carbon fiber in a limited space with as little resin as possible.

Resin adds volume and weight without adding strength. The lower the resin content, the lighter the shafts; with no loss of flexibility or strength characteristics.

A Uniquely Fortified Tip Section
The tip sections of Mitsubishi VANQUISH shafts are fortified with an optimized angle of outer layer material.

This creates remarkable stability in the tip section throughout the swing, enabling more consistent center face contact and greater overall consistency from swing to swing.

Consistent Feel Design
Speaking of consistency, Mitsubishi put their engineers to the grindstone to create minimal variances in butt OD, weight, and balance points across the entire range of VANQUISH shafts.

This minimal overall variability in key features throughout all VANQUISH shafts results in similar weights and feels across all weights and flexes, simplifying fitting.

Precision Crafted Design
Weight and frequency are ratcheted down to impossibly strict precisions in VANQUISH shafts, exhibiting less than 1 gram of variance in weight and 1 CPM in frequency.

This next-level consistency guaranteed through “Precision Crafted Design” results in shafts that deliver some of the tightest tolerances out there.

Don’t expect shot-to-shot variation. The VANQUISH offers some of the best consistency in the game.

Where Can You Learn More About Mitsubishi VANQUISH Shafts
If you’re considering getting fitted for an ultra-low weight, exceptionally high-consistency Mitsubishi VANQUISH shaft, call up the fitters at Dallas Golf Company or visit them in their store in Dallas.

Their fitters are experienced professionals and deeply familiar not only with these but with other Mitsubishi Chemical Group shafts. Visit their website or get in touch with them for more information at 800-955-9550. They’ll help you get to the bottom of whether or not a VANQUISH is right for you.

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