4 Interesting Benefits to Learning How to Ride a Unicycle or Clown Bike

If you already actively cycle for exercise or recreation, you might think you have little reason to take up the discipline of learning how to ride a different type of cycle – like an odd bike or a unicycle.

But learning how to ride a clown bike or a unicycle is no joke or mean feat. It requires determination and dedication and is the farthest thing from easy.

Plus, learning how to ride one of these will carry some of the following benefits.

Improve Heart Health
Unicycling, specifically, entails cardiovascular benefits that are in league with exercises that are much more strenuous, despite the fact that it is a low-impact exercise.

Like bicycling, unicycling will get your heart pumping and will improve cardiovascular performance and stamina, but unlike cycling, unicycling requires a much greater effort on your part to stay balanced and in control of the rig.

Moderate riding is similar to jogging – which is another great exercise to boost stamina, except unicycling is low-impact, making it better for your joints.

Build Strength
Naturally, learning to ride a unicycle, or performing tricks on a clown bike, is going to require no small effort from you.

It might seem like a lower-body exercise (and it is, technically) but unicycling is a full-body workout.

Staying balanced and maintaining a course, either forward or backward, even at low speed on a flat surface, will build leg, glute, and core strength. You’ll need to work your upper body to stay balanced, too.

Improve Coordination
Staying balanced on a unicycle is not just about core strength and leg strength. It is also about coordination and responding to changing variables in real time.

Just riding on a flat surface will command your entire attention to keep in control of the unicycle and maintain your balance.

But if you really want a challenge – ride outdoors on a trail, or learn how to hop or how to pedal with one foot.

This discipline can vastly improve your coordination, which is beneficial to all different sorts of athletes.

Boost Critical Thinking
Unicycling is a unique challenge that, due to its nature, may actually be able to hone your critical thinking skills.

Since it is inherently different from bicycling, just learning how to ride will require you to address a new challenge – itself entailing critical thinking.

But, if you learn how to perform tricks or even how to play a sport like unicycle hockey, you stand to benefit even more.

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