Important Facts about Period that Everyone Should Know!

For decades the talk about menstruation has been hushed by all. Moreover, there has been an abundance of myth passing forward to younger generations. However, in all these baseless beliefs, as the world is acquiring fact based knowledge, things have changed. And evidently these changes are for good, especially for ladies.

Now, to illustrate, there are several myths that still are being discussed in today’s world. And a lot of women without logically thinking follow or believe the same. But through the below-mentioned facts, all these myths will completely vanish from their minds. So keep reading!

But before delving into the facts, let’s understand the term menstruation. This is a natural process that occurs in women every month. A process of discharging blood and clots from the lining of the uterus. There are several hormonal changes that occur during this period of time. Most importantly, each female has a different experience with periods.

Furthermore, to track your flow comes as a major task for a majority of females. So, to get rid of this constant task, Flomate comes as a blessing for all. This is a basic period and ovulation tracking app that is usable by women of all ages. Besides, the app comes with its inbuilt reminder that notifies you of your upcoming period and ovulation cycle.

Moving on, let’s explore the important points that every woman should know about periods:

  • Ancient Recognition

Menstruation has been acknowledged and documented for thousands of years across various cultures. Ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Greeks, possessed a remarkable understanding of menstrual cycles and their connection to fertility.

  • Menstrual Syncing

Several people have been observing the phenomenon of menstrual syncing since decades. It is a phase where women who spend significant time together tend to synchronize their menstrual cycles. Scientific research, however, has yielded mixed results on the validity of this synchronization.

  • Moon Myth Debunked

Despite popular belief, there is no conclusive evidence linking menstrual cycles to the lunar phases. Approximately, 28 days is the average menstrual cycle. And the alignment of this is not precisely with the moon’s 29.5-day cycle.

  • Menstrual Blood Composition

Menstrual blood is not solely composed of blood. To be precise, it also contains tissue, mucus, and cells shed from the uterine lining. There can be a difference in color of menstrual blood throughout your period cycle. Also the consistency of the same.

  • Menstrual Taboos

Across cultures, menstruation has been accompanied by various taboos and restrictions. These restrictions have evolved over time and often reflect societal attitudes toward women’s bodies and reproductive health.

  • Impact on Physical Activity

Menstrual cycles can affect athletic performance. Some women experience increased strength and endurance during certain phases of their cycle, while others may feel more fatigued.

  • Menstrual Pain Variability

Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrhea, can vary widely in intensity and duration. While some women may experience mild discomfort, others may require medical intervention to manage severe pain.

Flomate – The Perfect Companion

To further address the elephant in the room, there is one issue that every woman faces during these days. Remembering their period dates! This is the toughest job for a majority of women. With a lot of going in our lives it is pretty difficult and hectic to keep a track of your cycle.

So, to make this process easy, Flomate was created. This is a simple period and ovulation tracking app that women of all ages can use. Moreover, with tracking your cycles, there are also features that remind you about your medication.

Hence, you have a small task in order to get hold of this amazing application. Just fill in the accurate dates and information, and let Flomate predict the rest for you!


All in all, a deeper understanding of menstruation has been emerging and a lot of individuals are learning the same. There are several cultural myths that have been carried on by our generations.

And with the emerging knowledge regarding periods, women are focusing on the importance of this study. Additionally, all through this hustle, Flomate has emerged as a super star among all. Besides, the usage of this application is and will help a lot of women in many ways.

First, they can track their periods and get accurate predictions. Second, the same they will be receiving for ovulation days. Thirdly, they can also update their prescriptions to get accurate medication reminders. And lastly, they can add a note in the calendar for themselves in order to motivate themselves during a hormonal tsunami. Your perfect partner, Flomate, is here for you! Always!

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