4 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you one of the countless golfers out there that wishes there was some way to improve your game without going off the deep end?

There are – and you don’t need to change your entire lifestyle to improve your yardage, control, and precision. Here are some top tips.

Practice More (And Always Warm Up)
Practice, practice, practice. You know what they say, practice makes perfect; well, it doesn’t but it does make better.

Go to the driving range. Practice putting. Play some rounds for fun. When you shoot, hold your pose so you can reflect on your form. Use a golf training aid that will watch you and offer recommendations.

By the way, practice doesn’t always have to be on the course or at the range. Find an open area and swing. Swing often; like 100 practice swings per day or more. Focus on form and technique, and, if using a training aid, take some of its suggestions to heart.

Also, always warm up before practicing or playing. Stiff, cold muscles will perform poorly, you’ll get fatigued more easily, and you’ll be predisposed to injury.

Incorporate Golf-Friendly Workouts into Your Fitness Routine
Another thing you can do to help improve your golf game is to incorporate golf-friendly workouts into your warm-up routine – or whatever fitness routine you follow.

Some exercises will not only strengthen your swinging muscles, but they will improve your core strength and stability, improve range of motion and flexibility, and improve your stamina, all of which can improve your swing mechanics and power.

Some great exercises for golfers to try out are:

● Lunges

● Goblet squats

● Split squats

● Hip sliders

● Sword draws

● Load and explode

● Split stance band rotations

● Push-ups

● Single leg deadlifts

Up Your Equipment (Check Out Clubs and Golf Driver Shafts for Sale)
While your personal abilities are the key indicators of performance on the course, your equipment will make an impact, too.

Playing with a club or shaft that’s just not well suited to your swing speed and mechanics is like running a car on square tires.

For instance, if you’re playing with a super-stiff shaft and have a slower swing speed, you might be running into the wind.

Check out some of the best clubs and golf driver shafts for sale on the market, and then make sure you get fitted by a professional.

Get Fitted
If you’re going to put your hard-earned cash into new equipment, don’t throw good money after bad. There are things you can determine yourself (“my swing is slower so I need a more flexible shaft”) but beyond the basics, the help of a professional golf club fitter will go a long way.

Golf club fitters will view your swing form and mechanics, like a real-time swing aid, will interview you about your goals and experience with former equipment, and then make personalized recommendations for golf clubs, golf shafts, and other equipment that will be able to extract the most potential from your abilities.

It is one of the single-most important investments you can make in your golf game.

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