5 Common Dallas Pet Sitting Myths Debunked

Pet sitting is often referred to as a business that gives extra cash quickly. But not many people know the effort pet sitters put into caring for your beloved furball.


Several myths are associated with pet sitting in Dallas, from regarding it as an easy job to something that’s not needed until you’re shoved down with an emergency.


Well, gear up because we’ll debunk those myths and show you the other side of the picture.


So, let’s dive into the raw reality.


5 Common Myths About Pet Sitting in Dallas


1.   It’s Best Hired When Going on a Vacation

While it’s true that pet sitters come in handy when you’re away from town, it’s not the only time you can or should hire them. Instead, you’ll find them helpful after a long day at work. Or when you have those social events to catch up on.


If you’re a regular 9-5er, you can benefit the most from pet sitting.


Pet sitters will drop in, play with your pet, walk them, feed them, and do everything you might feel guilty about not doing.


You don’t have to reserve a specific day or event to hire a professional pet sitter. Any day or Monday to Friday can work if it’s demanding your absence.


2.  It’s Better Done by the Neighbor’s Kid

Why pay a stranger to care for my pet when the neighbor’s kid, Brandon, can do it for less?


That’s what most people think after comparing prices for pet sitting in Dallas.


You need to understand that pet-sitting businesses demand a certain amount for a reason.


Sure, your neighbor’s kid can do it, but do they have the expertise to respond to an emergency? And what if you have a special needs pet?


Several other circumstances can also pull up in your absence. And only a trained expert can deal with it.


Moreover, these individuals are knowledgeable about different animal breeds and in a place to attend to any situation should it threaten to get out of hand.


3.  It Doesn’t Require Daily Visits

The most common misconception about pet sitting is that you only have to ask your pet sitter to pop in occasionally. But do you know what can happen on the days the sitter doesn’t show up?


  • Your home’s AC can go out.
  • Your pet may get tangled somewhere.
  • Your pet may swallow something accidentally.
  • Your pet may refuse to eat the same food for days.


These can be efficiently dealt with when a trained pet sitter does daily visits. Ultimately, you can have the peace of mind that your furry pal is safe and comfy at home.


4.  It Costs More than Pet Boarding

We can simply take our pet to a boarding place for animals. 


A common reason for this thinking is that people think pet sitters charge more. So, what’s the truth?


In reality, pet sitting and boarding cost more or less the same. But with pet sitting, your pet gets individualized attention and care.


This is something done in a group setting in pet boarding. And if your pet is shy or gets excited after seeing other creatures, it can quickly transition to a complex situation.


So, even if you save a few bucks with pet boarding, the hassle won’t be worth it.


5.  It’s All About Sitting All Day

We’ve kept the worst for last. Because there’s nothing more painful than telling a dedicated professional that what they’re getting paid for is sitting all day.


The bitter truth is that most pet sitters spend their day chasing their tails (or your pet’s – pun intended). To bust this myth, here are the activities these skilled individuals perform through their duty hours:


  • Feeding your pet
  • Walking your pet
  • Playing with your pet
  • Taking your pet for potty breaks
  • Cleaning out your pet’s cage and litter box
  • Bathing and grooming your pet (when needed)


Pet sitters may also provide emergency first aid or call a vet for advice. If mutually agreed upon when signing a contract, they send regular updates to you, the pet owner, via text messages, calls, or emails. They may also send photos and videos to let you know your pet feels comfortable.


With this set of activities, it’s impossible for a pet sitter to simply sit and enjoy the views. However, there are times when they might relax, especially when your pet’s taking a nap.


The Final Words

Since pet sitting is still finding its ground in Dallas, it’s not uncommon to come across such myths. The crucial aspect is to know the difference between facts and misconceptions. And only then can you make well-informed decisions to achieve your and your fur buddy’s peace of mind.


We hope the myths we busted in this blog helped you claim yours!

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