Complete Guidelines Of Custom Foot Lock Tray

Custom Foot Lock Tray

Custom foot lock tray is the most popular item for packaging garments, bakery items, gift items, and many more. This can be designed to give your product safety. Tray-style packaging is utilized for countless purposes to fulfill the need. 

The trays are light in weight, which makes them ideal for transportation because they are easier to stack, empty, and move. You can choose any creative design on your trays. These trays can be modified to meet buyers’ needs. The foot lock tray improves the safety of your product from external elements.

Besides this, the attractive designs of the trays help you to add glam to your product. One thing that is necessary while designing these trays is the selection of material. With high-quality material, you will be able to give a firm look at the trays, resultantly your product will look premium.

What Are Full Flat Double Trays?

Full flat double tray is a unique packaging style in which a reinforced base of the box is cob=vered by a foldable lid. This is a groundbreaking type of packaging that gives supreme protection to the packed items. With customization, you can add attractive features to the trays to entice your buyers. These trays are quite durable due to the high-quality raw material.  

Picking Suitable Materials 

Letting the customers know about the brand and the product is essential, and packaging is the most commonly used way. The first impression of the buyers is to get their eyes on the packaging. So that’s why it gets rather significant to use the time to get started with the creation of new and innovative ideas that can make your packaging informative and eye-catching. You can manufacture the lock trays with the help of all the right tools and technologies. 

The strength of the material depends on the packaging material. High-quality materials enhance the quality of the packaging and may prevent any damage. Some materials are essential according to the environment that can save the products. Some are used given below:

  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated
  • Layered

These are customers demanding materials because they are economical, strong, and 100% recyclable.

Experience With Customized Packaging

A well-designed branded package and unboxing experience require several components to work together, although not all of them need to be used. Stylish packaging with the company logo offers your clients the finest experience and the most value. Your buyer’s experience can be improved prospectively by investing in these packaging products.

Usefulness Of Foot Lock Tray Boxes

They contain both larger and smaller lock components when opening boxes that work together to provide the highest level of security.  These kinds of boxes are favored for packing clothing items and are frequently used for packaging makeup and pastries. Custom Foot lock tray don’t carry a heavy burden. They offer a simple, efficient, and uncomplicated assembling mechanism. 

Why utilize a Custom Foot Lock Tray?

Lock Tray packaging protects the product during transportation and prevents it from inside. It keeps the product inside new and maintains its freshness. A customer chooses to purchase a product within the initial 5 seconds after looking at it. The first impression is the last one. The first thing that is looked at is the packaging of the product. So it would help you in catching customers’ eyes and gaining more potential customers.

Brand Identity Lock Tray

A customer wants something exceptional and looks more attractive, and on the off chance that it catches the customer’s attention, they are guaranteed to purchase your products. Custom foot lock tray design will boost your sales and increase your reputation in the market from rivals.

Benefits Of Using

Customers prefer the lock trays to ship the products because they are not heavy and convenient to load, unload, and handle around. The measurement can be arranged according to the packaged product to ensure the product’s security. They can be changed in shape in a few seconds and do not create any complications these are the attractive features. 

High-Quality Printings And Coatings

At the time of the application on the packaging you can’t compromise on the printing quality. High-quality printing makes your Brand and product elegant. Printing and coatings enhance the packaging products which helps to attract customers. Some of them are here:

  • Offset printing
  • Aqueous coating
  • Digital 
  • UV printing
  • Water base ink
  • Spot gloss coating


The custom foot lock tray is one of the most appealing trays on the market. Stylish packaging can easily grab the attention of target customers. With alluring color scheming, graphics, and sturdy packaging ensure that your product remains safe. Marvelous and splendid trays are helpful for branding images.

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