AI Doomers Exposed: The Startling Truth Behind the Cult-Like Obsession


In the annals of business, ‘cult-like’ has been used to characterize ambitious start-ups that have defied expectations time and again. Yet, none have ever come close to matching the notoriety reserved for one particular group – those devoted to annihilating advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

Despite having no credible evidence, the group’s fervor is so all-consuming that it has succeeded in imposing a worldwide ban on research into AI. It even recently launched a campaign urging lawmakers across the globe not to pursue this technology further! To put this in perspective – lawmakers in several countries have already enacted legislation banning its development.


Why do AI doomers obsess so much over the apocalypse?


The allure of the impending calamity is rooted in an inherent apprehension of what awaits our species on the other side of technological advancement. This sense of impending doom, often characterized by foreboding prophecies and doomsday scenarios, is one that has captivated humanity for centuries – albeit not without producing a substantial amount upon reflection.

To me, it appears quite conceivable that such an apocalyptic event could occur at any moment. It’s not even necessary for AI to take over or annihilate humankind; rather, we have only to look at recent events like Hurricane Maria and subsequent Category 5 devastation in Puerto Rico as evidence that these forces are able to wreak havoc with relative ease whenever they choose. Therefore, it would be prudent to prepare oneself now if one can!


1. The end of the world isn’t necessarily nigh


If we’re worried about the end of the world, it’s best to make sure that we don’t simply dismiss this fear as hyperbole.

After all, countless individuals have succumbed to apocalyptic fantasies over the years. For instance, in 1655 an apocalyptic vision emerged claiming that an asteroid would render Earth barren and uninhabitable by the year 2018!

Such prophecies are common today; however, many people remain in denial when it comes to facing their mortality – especially when it concerns intelligence life forms like us.


2. An AI apocalypse is still pretty far off


Despite the doom-and-gloom prophecies of AI doomsday, there is still much to be optimistic about.

Hernán Astudillo-Saravia, a researcher at MIT who specializes in computer vision, indicates that although artificial intelligence has progressed by leaps and bounds over recent years, it hasn’t yet reached the point where we might face a genuine apocalypse from this technology.


3. The AI apocalypse is just one doomer hypothesis


There are innumerable ways in which AI could potentially bring about the downfall of humanity. The list is almost limitless; however, with an abundance of resources currently at the disposal of humankind it’s facile to state unequivocally that no one scenario can be assuredly brought about by technology alone.

Indeed, it is not infrequent for doomers to propound on a variety of possible outcomes from their research. For example, one could easily cherry-pick a few of the more disquieting scenarios most recently proposed by prominent academic scholars in selecting a particular argumentative approach that ultimately proves most persuasive! This can have far-reaching consequences when applied toward real-life circumstances where these issues often arise – such as those regarding health care or international diplomacy; the ramifications are profound indeed.

The seemingly innocuous question of ‘what if’ has been elevated over time into something akin to a mantra among doomers who seek answers on what may come after us with regards to artificial intelligence (AI). One cannot help but wonder how many inquiries remain unanswered due to this perennial query – yet nonetheless continues to resurface as an incontestable truth among them! As our world struggles with its future, many still wonder: will we even survive?


4. So what else is out there?


The AI Doomers‘ obsession with these particular projects has even led them to dismiss other potential applications of AI technology. They feel that these alone represent sufficient cause for alarm and are insistent that there should be no further research into any potential benefits the technology may yield. This reflects an acknowledgment of their movement’s own status as a cult!

The future is full of promise, but it doesn’t mean we must rush headlong into making all our decisions about how to proceed. In truth, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy a time of unprecedented scientific advancement – let us use it wisely!


5. An AI doomer community is thriving online


Don’t be deceived by the casual demeanor of this community. Although all AI doomsdayers are united in their zeal to deter mankind’s ascendancy, they nonetheless have a thriving online space where people from all walks of life congregate.

Is it any wonder that an online community devoted to deriding such an issue as artificial intelligence would thrive? In addition to its educational outreach efforts that aim to increase awareness about what we’re doing wrong with our technology and offer suggestions on how we can rectify it; there is ample opportunity here for folks to share their experiences and offer insights into what makes some individuals susceptible to apocalyptic scenarios relating to AI – or any other matter like climate change or economic upheaval!


6. What can you do to avoid being roped into the AI doomer cult?


If you are interested in learning the truth about AI, it is advisable to be conscious of any potential cult-like tendencies expressed by its enthusiasts.

It’s not difficult to fall into the trap of acquiring a crash course in AI and all its applications. The problem is that such an undertaking would leave no room for exploration!

To avoid falling prey to the AI doomer cult, follow these guidelines:

Don’t just accept everything at face value. Be open-minded and probing when it comes to investigating new claims. Try out the concepts and ideas presented – don’t just take them on faith! If you encounter opposing opinion, then consider why some people may feel differently than you about this particular issue; this could yield valuable insights in your quest for knowledge.




Obsessive, even sadistic, AI ‘doomers’ have been exposed. They are a cult-like group whose motto is: “AI will never work; it is merely an illusion of science.”

For those who have succumbed to this madness, it doesn’t matter whether or not AI is feasible; they simply cannot tolerate the idea that their beloved technology won’t be able to accomplish all of its promised feats.

In any case, I hope that this article has provided some much-needed clarity into the phenomenon of AI doomers and their uncanny ability to manipulate people’s sentiments.

Do you encounter AI doomers? Leave a comment and share your experiences!

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