Optimal Construction Equipment: JCB 4DX and CAT 950 GC

Optimal Construction Equipment JCB 4DX and CAT 950 GC

Choosing the right equipment for your construction requirements is necessary. Each construction equipment has different uses, whether it is Backhoe Loader or Wheel Loader. The machines are common in works such as earthmoving and snow removal. Some popular machines that are ideal for heavy construction work are JCB 4DX. They come in various sizes and prices and you can buy them according to your needs.

This type of equipment mostly comes in rent as they are more costly. Here, we will discuss some of the ideal equipment that perfectly matches your construction requirements.


The JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader is a heavy-duty construction equipment designed for versatile use. It has a hydraulic oil capacity of 130 litres, which is crucial for powering various hydraulic functions.

The machine can extend to a maximum reach of 4950 mm at full height. Moreover, the backhoe loader has a maximum operating weight of 8470 kg for loading and unloading tasks. The backhoe attachment has a bucket capacity of 2 cum to hold a significant load.

CAT 950 GC

The CAT 950 GC is a wheeled loader designed for heavy-duty operations. The price of which ranges between Rs. 64 and 66 Lakhs. It comes with a bucket capacity of 3.5 cum, making it suitable for handling different amounts of material. Additionally, the loader can operate at a maximum operating pressure of 27 KPA for the effectiveness of hydraulic functions.

The CAT 950 GC’s engine produces a maximum power output of 228 hp. Moreover, the operating weight of the loader is 18848 kg for maintaining stability. It can handle a tipping load of 10503 kg during a full turn for lifting and moving heavy materials.

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